Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter Pictures

Three peas in a pod with room for four!

Blessings to remember as we wait

In the past year, Hannah has continued to bond with her Daddy. While in China, if he even looked at her she would cover her eyes. If he came near her she would cry. Her love continues to grow for him.

Look at them now!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yesterday, we received our LID!!! China has officially said our dossier has arrived as of 4/16 and is in line to be processed! Now the countdown to Sarah begins. However, we don't know the exact number we are counting down. Sometime in the next two or three months we should receive our LOA(letter of acceptance). We sign it and it goes back to China. Then we wait a few weeks for our TA(travel approval). We are so excited!! Please pray with us for travel before August 5th, Sarah's third birthday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Waiting for Sarah

Andrew, Joshua, and Hannah unanimously picked Sarah from the waiting child list. Andrew said "She is the one that fits best with our family". Joshua is excited to have two sisters to spy on. He is hoping his spy efforts will become more fruitful as the girls will play together. Currently, Hannah follows him everywhere spoiling his spy efforts. Hannah said "I like her, I like this one". A,J, and H all pray for Sarah and for mom and dad to get all the paperwork done quickly and for safe travel to bring Sarah home. I know we are covered with these three praying for us!