Saturday, December 29, 2007

One year ago.......

It was one year ago today we saw Sarah's picture for the first time and knew she was to be our daughter. Little did we know as we traveled to China in February 2006 to bring home Hannah how much our lives would be forever changed. We knew we would be back we did not know it would happen just 18 months later!! It seems God used China to speed us along down the path to our two beautiful daughters. As we had waited and prayed for years to see the fulfillment of our dream to adopt come true, I never dreamed that we would be able to return again and so soon. In December 2006, with the new Chinese adoption requirements coming into effect in May 2007 we were advised to adopt again "now or never". So within a week we had begun the process again and had been matched with our precious Sarah. Miraculously, everything fell into place and we traveled just eight months later to bring her home. God's plans are always better than mine, He does everything exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask or imagine!! How thankful I am that I had "secretly" been praying for a sister for Hannah, one that was within a year of Hannah's age, one with the same special need, one with my favorite Chinese name Mei! Sarah is our dream come true!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Christmas Picture

The Knorr Four
Sarah's First Christmas

Gettin' ready for surgery

Preparing babies for surgery
A little "sleepy air"
Administer IV meds
Hannah and Sarah-Job Well Done!

Sarah is scheduled for her palate repair surgery on Friday. The child life department at Children's is wonderful. They gave us two pre-surgery medical kits to play with. So tonight the girls and I played dolls. We inserted IV's, put bandaids on, took blood pressure, listened to heartbeats with stethoscopes, and put our babies to sleep with "sleepy air". All this to help prepare our little Sarah for Fridays events. I will be glad when we are back home again, however we are all excited to hear Sarah start talking. Currently, she can make vowel sounds but the only consonants we consistently hear are "M" and "H". She has been very patient as we try to figure out what she is saying.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun at the park

We enjoyed a cold but fun time at the park recently.
Mommy and Sarah

Lookin up to big brother

Andrew and Sarah

Sarah and Ginger

Blow me down and call me Pete

All four kids decided to dress up as pirates for the Fall Fun Party at our church. For months now, Hannah has been saying "Blow me down and call me Pete". It gave my parents a good chuckle while they were caring for our kids during our China trip. It is amazing how in only 18 months time, she is completely "Americanized".

Sister Fun!

Hannah and Sarah continue to bond as sisters. Although it has been a slow process at times, it is so much fun to see them playing happily together. Just this week Hannah was singing a song about how much she loved her sister and that she loved her every minute of every day. It was so cute! How I wish I had been able to catch it on film.

Eggs, yams and Chinese Food

Sarah loves to peel and eat hard boiled eggs. I was surprised at first that she wanted to peel them, she is a pro!
One of Sarah's favorite midnight snacks-YAMS with a spoon!
My friend, Brenda, made Chinese food for us-Sarah was very excited!

Sarah and her Daddy

Sarah has been slowly adjusting to her daddy. Here are a few pictures to prove she really does love him.......