Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our four precious children

Fall Projects

Cleanin' out the pumpkin
Some brother help
Filling pinecones with bird treats
Sister help

We have been super busy adjusting to being a family of six. It seems I never have a spare moment. Sorry, I don't post more often. It is not because nothing is happening but rather too much is happening!

Monday, October 1, 2007

We made it to church!

Yesterday, we finally went to church as a family of six. The girls wore coordinating outfits and looked so cute! Hannah excitedly checked in to her new four year old class. Sarah stayed with mom and dad. She enjoyed the music and singing. We were privileged to hear a missionary from China speak. We even mentioned Wuhan! There is a "music school" in Wuhan that he helped to start. In the past, he has been arrested and put in prison several times. Currently, he has an open door to share the gospel! What a blessing to hear what God is doing in China!

Keeping busy!

A typical day at home-getting school done and keeping everyone busy.

Thanks for the corn from your garden Grandpa! We enjoyed eatin' every kernel!