Friday, January 11, 2008

Precious moments to remember always.......

Tonight, as I was getting the girls to bed Hannah was crying because she has a sore on her tongue that was hurting. I asked her if I could pray for it and she said yes. I prayed and then heard Sarah asking a question. After listening carefully I deciphered a request. Sarah was asking if she could get out of bed and pray for Hannah too! It was so cute. Sarah came over and said "er eu heas heah hannah er ain ay u ea ai AMEN!" It reminds me also that when I am not feeling well Hannah will come over and ask if she can pray for me. Little did I know that my daughters would be such prayer warriors at an early age. I pray this will be a lifelong passion in their hearts!

Recovery Pictures

sleeping finally
going for a wagon ride
the Knorr Four
off to the playroom
May I please go home now?? update!!!

and waiting
and waiting some more

First, I have to say thank you to all my loyal bloggin' friends! Buffi, Laine, Sherri, and Kim thank you for your comments,encouragement, love, and for continuing to check on us!

Sarah is recovering from her palate repair. We had an interesting day on December 14th. We were set for surgery at 11:15am but her surgery was postponed until around 2pm and then actually took place shortly after 4pm. She was such a trooper!! She really amazed me. She had not eaten any food since dinner the night before and she only asked for a snack three times. I just told her we could not eat and we had to wait for the doctor to come. She just looked at me and said her cute signature "OHHH" response. We played with a few toys I had brought and a few in the waiting area, balls, bubbles, and Duplo Legos are her favorites. When it was finally her turn, I was able to carry her back to the operating room. Our anesthesiologist was wonderful! He had no problem with me bringing her back since we are still working on attachment and bonding(thanks to Nancy with the Child Life Department). I was able to hold her until she was "out". I actually laid her on the operating room table and then was ushered back to the waiting room. I was again called back as she entered the recovery room. The nurses were very aware of her story and wanted me close by if Sarah was upset upon waking. Sarah was very upset upon waking and even I could not comfort her. She seemed mad, but I am sure she was confused, in pain, and still very groggy. We were admitted to our room around 9pm. We stayed for two nights and were discharged on Sunday evening around 9pm.

We started her week long liquid diet(something Hannah did not have to do) with instruction to start soft/no chew foods for the following three weeks. I won't go into the details in case anyone has a weak stomach but we have had a few adventures during her healing time.

Our post op check was this past Monday. Our surgeon told us her cleft palate was the biggest he has ever seen! It was a very difficult repair but he was happy with how everything looked for what he had to work with. We see him again in six weeks (something we did not do with Hannah) for him to check it again. We will also be discussing options for a "plate" to cover the area he was not able to repair near her gum line and proceeding toward her throat about an inch. I believe this is something she will wear until her hard palate repair around the age of 7-8yrs old. My concern right now is speech. Sarah has a lot to say I just can't understand her. All of her words sound the same and although she is patient it has been causing some frustration.

I am so thankful God has used my experience with Hannah to prepare me for Sarah! God only knows how much of a planner I am and how I like to have every scenario thought out and planned for. Well, in adoption and in surgery I am learning to lean on Him. I don't have to have all the answers or know right now how it will all play out; although that may be how I would like it.