Saturday, June 23, 2007


The families logged in just ahead of us have received TA's(travel approvals). They only waited two weeks since receiving their LOA's. This is very fast!!!! I just know our LOA is very, very close. I can just feel it!! Maybe next week.........I sure hope so! Many families we know are traveling to Wuhan(Sarah's home). Maybe someone can give her a hug for me or snap a picture!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Much excitement in the air!! Our agency and many others received LOA's this week. These families are logged in just ahead of us. We are expected to receive ours in just a few weeks!! I already have those butterflies in my stomach-such great expectation! And so much to do!

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that in just a few more weeks I am going to be holding our Sarah. I can't count the times I have just sat and stared at her picture, longing to hold her, to kiss those chubby little cheeks, to tell her how much we love her and how God has chosen her to complete our family (for now :0) ). Hannah daily prays for her, it is so cute, she says "Dear Jesus, I actually pray for Sarah-that she will come home. My mommy and daddy bring her home! Amen!

It continues to amaze me how often throughout the day Hannah thinks of Sarah. It started in January. I was packing some snacks for Hannah as we were running errands all day. I had packed two snack containers of food for Hannah. She asked why we had two? She wanted to know if one was for Sarah and one for her. It was so sweet!! She often announces where Sarah will sit at the table or in the car. All three children want Sarah to sit next to them. I think we will be playing musical chairs for a while! Hannah has let me know we need to get Sarah a bike, My Little Ponies, and matchbox cars. When her clothing gets too small she says "Save it for Sarah". She also can't wait to take Sarah to the park and for a family walk.

I found another poem that touches my heart......

This Morning

This morning in China a mother cries, she'll never forget her daughter's eyes. Her heart is broken and filled with pain, the tears run down like the falling rain. She has no choice but to leave her there, the cost of keeping is too much to bear. She hopes her daughter will one day know, true love can be found in letting her go.

This morning in China a baby cries, hungry and scared as tears fill her eyes. Her mother has left her in this public place, another lost daughter of the Chinese race. Someone passing by has heard her soft moan, she's soon quickly taken to a foster home. It's here she'll reside in the care of another, until she's adopted by a brand new mother.

That very same moment, in the U.S.A., a woman cries as she starts to pray. Her heart is heavy but filled with much love. She prays for a daughter she thinks the world of, "Dear Jesus, I ask that your arms would be wrapped tightly around the one picked for me. Guard her in China 'till I make my way and then in my arms forever she'll stay."

Tom Fisher