Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

We traveled to beautiful Anacortes, over the Memorial Day weekend, to visit grandparents. We had an enjoyable weekend of fishing in Grandpa's trout pond, hiking, kite flying, and playground playing. We also were blessed to witness a gorgeous sunset from the deck of their home and the kids were thrilled to spot deer near the woods. Sarah especially enjoyed picking flowers with Grandpa from his beautifully landscaped haven surrounding their home.

Baseball Spectators


More baseball days-Joshua

Oh no, has it really been two months already!!

Seems I am not very good at keeping this blog updated! Where does the time go? Well, I guess we have just been busy, busy, busy!

On Easter Sunday, Joshua celebrated his 7th birthday!

Also, in March the boys joined their first baseball teams. Joshua's team is known as the "Flame Throwers" and Andrew's team is called "The Cubs". They have both enjoyed their practices and games. We attend two games every Saturday and some weeknight games as well. We have braved the rain, the snow, the wind and cold this season and are finally soaking up a little sun!
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In April, Hannah had a VCUG(medical procedure) to determine proper kidney and bladder function. She is currently on medication to help with this.
In May, Sarah had her second surgery. She had a pyogenic granuloma(growth) removed from the roof of her mouth. While she was "out" they also did a complete dental exam with x-rays and a cleaning. She emerged from out-patient surgery with two crowns, one for outstanding behavior and one on her tooth. I must say out-patient surgery was a breeze! Just a few hours after her procedure, we were back home and she was playing and happy like it had never even happened.

A few more pictures!